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Payroll USA can provide work comp coverage at a "competitive rate" for your business.

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To get more information about Workers' Compensation Coverage insurance laws see the following resources.

Both the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) ( and the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) ( maintain detailed lists of workers' compensation agencies.


Georgia – Workers’ Compensation


State of Georgia -


Georgia Department of Labor -


Michael Thurmond

(404) 232-7300 Phone

Atlanta, Georgia





Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation -,2235,11394008,00.html

Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation

270 Peachtree Street, North West

Atlanta, Georgia 30303-1299


(404) 818-6600 Phone

1-866-351-0001 Toll Free

1-800-533-0682 Toll Free


Executive Director

Stan Carter

(404) 656-2048 Phone

Atlanta, Georgia




Georgia Subsequent Injury Trust Fund -

Georgia Subsequent Injury Trust Fund

1720 Peachtree Street, North West, Suite 500

Atlanta, Georgia 30309-2420


(404) 206-6360 Phone

(404) 206-6363 Fax


Richard W. McGee

(404) 206-6355 Phone

Atlanta, Georgia E-mail




Deputy Administrator

David L. Taylor        

(404) 206-6354 Phone

Atlanta, Georgia E-mail


For documents of interest involving Workers’ Compensation visit,,2096,11394008_11400551,00.html.