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FAQ - Who is responsible for workers compensation's claims management?




Who is responsible for claims management?

Payroll USA, Inc. is providing workers' compensation coverage under our master policy. See Note*



Payroll USA, Inc. provides claims management and processing which involves reporting, administering, medically managing, and closing workers' compensation claims. This includes ensuring that consistent internal policies and medical referral procedures are in place. Also, we have implementation of a "return-to-work" program to provide employees with an opportunity to begin working on a modified schedule until they can return to their regular jobs. 

Payroll USA has one of the lowest Workers' Compensation litigation rates in the industry. Because of Payroll USA's early intervention and employee advocate programs, the number of claims litigated is greatly reduced.

Note: In some cases, clients can select to keep their existing workers compensation policy while working with Payroll USA, Inc. as a PEO. In this case the client is responsible for workers compensation claims management.

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