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Administration Service Organization (ASO)

Client wages are reported under the client's Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). Unlike a PEO, there is no co-employment when using our ASO services.

For those of you who do not feel comfortable with the co-employment relationship, we offer Payroll USA II, Inc. as an ASO operating under the traditional payroll service model. You can select from a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs. An ASO is functionally the same as a PEO, but internally there is no shared status and no co-employment relationship. The employees remains 100% yours.

As an ASO, Payroll USA II, Inc. offers nationwide "Administrative Services Organization" (ASO) to businesses across the United States. We prepare Payroll, submit Federal, State, and Local tax, Benefit Auditing and Payment Remittance, Workers’ Compensation Reporting, Payment and audits, Union reporting and Certified Payrolls. As an option our Web Payroll, enables you to access all your payroll records on our web server. For more information link to Web Payroll.

Under this arrangement Payroll USA II, Inc. does not provide workmen's compensation for your employees and does not offer assistance in obtaining workers' compensation, health insurance or employee benefits.

Why outsource?
Outsourcing to an ASO provides a variety of benefits, from cost savings to access to specialized expertise on taxes, payroll, HR, workers' compensation and more. Outsourcing can enable you to focus on your business and free up your time and resources.



Call Payroll USA (941 756-1700) for a Payroll Quote. We offer 5% - 25% discount on your worker's compensation rate depending on your claim history.