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FAQ - Are you required to have a worker's compensation policy?




Is Workers Compensation required?

In virtually every state Workers Compensation insurance is mandatory. Employers are required to carry Workmans Compensation insurance on their employees.


Employers who do not carry Workers Compensation insurance for their employees (may be paying small claims "out of pocket") and risk being personally liable for all medical bills from any accident in addition to significant governmental fines.

For contractors, having proof of Workers Compensation Insurance is usually required to be a subcontractor with a larger general contractor. Proof of Workmans Comp coverage is provided by a Workers Compensation Certification.  

Certificates of insurance are required to do business in most states. The certificates provide verification of Workers' Compensation Insurance in order to engage in business. This protects your business  in the event of an on-the-job accident or injury. These certificates are provided free of charge and are provided normally within one business day.

Claims management and processing involves reporting, administering, medically managing, and closing Workers' Compensation claims. This includes ensuring that consistent internal policies and medical referral procedures are in place. Also, the implementation of a return-to-work program is critical to provide employees with an opportunity to begin working on a modified schedule until they can return to their regular jobs.  

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