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Thinking of outsourcing your company's payroll, instead of wrestling with complex, ever-changing HR rules and regulations?

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Temporary Staffing, Construction Companies, Restaurants, Sport Bars, Trucking, Manufacturing, Towing Companies.

We have a solution, Payroll USA - online web payroll.

telephone Call Payroll USA (866) 999-9672 / (941) 756-1700.

We can eliminate all the payroll related paperwork from your desk and reduce your payroll cost by assuming the time consuming task for managing payroll, employee benefits, human resources (HR), worker's compensation coverage for your employees, payroll accounting and payroll tax compliance issues.

Payroll USA , a key solution to free up your time so you can focus on your core business.

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Payroll USA, Inc. has joined AmTrust Financial Services to be our new worker's compensation insurance carrier.

AmTrust Financials - Rated A (Excellent by A.M Best).

Payroll USA, Inc. as an Employee Leasing Organization, online payrol, payroll leasing,l services profit companies and non-profit organizations i.e. churches, 501c3, etc. – large or small, we can process all types of payroll services such as: construction payroll, hospitality payroll including restaurant payroll, professional payroll, temporary staffing, franchise payroll, retail payroll, motion picture payroll, medical payroll, payroll accounting, manufacturing payroll plus time and attendance payroll software. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO or Employee Leasing, sometimes referred as "Payroll Leasing, Staff Leasing") we can provide employee leasing services to 50 States. As an Administrative Service Organization (ASO) our payroll company services the entire United States. Read More: link to (PEO Payroll Services vs ASO Payroll Services) and (Payroll Services Arrangements Models)

Payroll USA provides payroll processing and payroll management reports tailored to your needs regardless of the complexities your business may require, such as: tips tax payroll reporting, union reporting, job cost payroll, departmental payroll, certified payroll reports based on region, location, etc. We offer remote payroll check printing if needed.

We can assist you producing payroll reports with Owner Controlled Insurance Programs OCIP.

"Our web payroll service brings our office to your desk"

To help you build a better solution for your business, we offer our Nationwide Payroll Web Edition (Web Payroll is sometimes referred as online payroll processing, internet payroll or web based payroll) which is a dynamic web application that allows exchange real-time payroll, HR and benefit information with your managers and your employees via the internet from any computer at anytime, anywhere. Our online payroll service is easy to learn and easy to use - "You can bank on us." (For more key information on our easy payroll nationwide solution link to Web Payroll Services, Internet Payroll Services, Online Payroll Services).

We provide as a PEO worker's compensation Insurance rated A (Excellent) by A.M Best with Pay-as-go policy and no up-front deposit required.

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Payroll USA, Inc. helps you attract and retain better employees by offering improved employee benefits packages and professional human resources services.

Our easy online payroll data entry is secured, fast and efficient. We provide reliability and security - with offsite data storage, backup data redundancy, and mirrored data servers to ensure that the programs running your employees' payroll never fail.

Call us (in English, French or Spanish). Our experienced, friendly staff will help you with your payroll questions.

Try our 2018 payroll calculators! It's free.

telephone Call Payroll USA (866) 999-9672

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