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Workmen's Compensation

Eplanation of PEO versus ASO pictureA Complete Package

As part of our PEO package, Payroll USA assumes the liability for worker's compensation insurance and claims processing. The arrangement shifts the task of securing and managing all aspects of worker's compensation, so that there is no disturbances to your operation.

Cost Advantage
Since we have a master policy, we are able to stabilize the cost of insurance to you. A pay-as-you-go system ensures that you are charged only for actual wages, not estimates. At audit time, you owe nothing.

Certificates of Insurance
Payroll USA utilizes CertExchange – a web based program for maintaining, issuing and verifying certificates of insurances. This system allows us to generate and deliver certificates in hours, not days!  Our client's safety is a primary concern at Payroll USA,

  • We provide you with required state and federal posters
  • Arrange on-site inspections of your day to day operations and facilities
  • Provide your company with safety training for management, and employees
  • Prevent costly fines from OSHA and other agencies while reducing risk of injuries and disease
  • Provide discounts for clients choosing Drug Free Workplace
  • Manage claims to ensure injured employee is given the best care possible
  • Maintain direct contact with our claims insurance adjusters to expedite the return to work process
  • Implement a Light Duty policy to minimize workmen's compensation claim costs
  • Attend hearings on workmen's compensation cases
  • Monitor your experience modifier
  • Our Return to Work program, employees are informed of their post injury responsibilities
  • Supply manuals with safety procedures customized to your industry and location
  • Clients have access to a library and educational videos on safety issues