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Payroll Web Edition (Payroll Web is sometimes referred as online payroll) is the dynamic web application (HRPyramid) that allows exchange real-time payroll, HR and benefit information with our clients and their employees via the internet. To view our Online Payroll Demo link to Web Based Payroll Demo.

What Managers Can Do (Administrator) (Employees)


Manager Self-Service gives decision-makers the resources they need to do their jobs. Reports can be generated on-the-fly with real-time data. Batch time sheets have drill-down access to employee records. Access to human resource actions such as pay rate changes can be set by manager.

  • Add and maintain codes for departments, divisions, projects, work sites, locations, jobs, shifts and work group
  • Generate instant reports in PDF, HTML or tab delimited (Excel) file formats using specific selection criteria
  • View instant display reports in HTML or download data into a spreadsheet file format
  • Drill down to detail included in HTML reports
  • Save and access generated reports and queries at a later time
  • Update employee information on master record
  • Enter and maintain batch time sheets as well as individual detail time sheets
  • Enter one-time payroll deductions such as a "tools" or "charity" deduction
  • Enter HR actions including new hire, pay rate change, job change, leave of absence, re-activation, rehire, status-type change, and terminations
  • Track skills, events and performance reviews
  • Maintain labor allocation, tax filing and health data information
  • Post messages that ca be view through a special employee communications portal when the employee logs into Employee Self Services
  • View or add employee dependent information
  • View or add employee beneficiaries
  • View an employee's benefits summary information
  • View paid time off balances for an employee
  • View an employee's flexible spending account activity
  • View an employee's year to date retirement plan deferrals and match balances
  • Print checks remotely
  • Create handy external links, e.g. benefit service providers' web site
  • Create links to documents, such as employee handbooks