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Online Payroll - Payroll Web Edition




Eplanation of PEO versus ASO picture

Payroll Web Edition (Payroll Web is sometimes referred as online payroll) is the dynamic web application (HRPyramid) that allows exchange real-time payroll, HR and benefit information with our clients and their employees via the internet.To view our Online Payroll Demo link to Web Based Payroll Demo.

What Employees Can Do (Administrator) (Site Manager)

Employee Self-Service enables employees to get the information they want, when they want it. And when they can do this, you can reduce the number of man hours spend on simple inquiries.

  • Self-register for username and password, and change password anytime
  • Update personal data such as addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information
  • View and update dependent and beneficiary information
  • View paycheck detail from any period in any year
  • Drill-down to the detail for each pay type on the pay stub
  • View benefit plan enrollment summary
  • View paid time off balances
  • View flexible spending account history and disbursements
  • View year-to-date retirement plan deferrals as well as company match balances
  • Access published documents
  • Click and visit external links, such as benefit providers