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PEO vs ASO Comparison




Submit payroll by phone, fax, or through the web
We calculate Payroll, Payroll taxes, Withholding
Remit tax payments by EFTPS,
on OUR Federal Tax ID Number
Remit tax payments by EFTPS,
on YOUR Federal Tax ID Number
Direct Deposit is available
Issue Checks with Positive Pay or Direct Deposit using our bank account
Issue Checks using our bank account
Issue Checks using your bank account
Provide Payroll Debit Card for employees
Administer Garnishments and Child Support
Perform New Hire Reporting
Wage verifications
Employment verifications
Employee Loan deductions
Provide tailored Management Report vital to your organization, Departmental Reports, Job Cost,
government compliant Certified Payroll, etc.
Online (WEB) Payroll available - Need to generate my own reports
Print, collate, stuff and courier or mail checks timely
Convenient delivery options
Prepare W-3, W-2, 940's, 941's, SUTA filings using our FEIN and state ID.
Multi-state employer compliance
Restaurant Tips compliance
You write one check per pay period that covers all your employees
Elimination of expenses, checks, payroll forms, bank charges
Protection against fraud is increased through Positive Pay
Payroll J/E at client level is available as an option
Workmen's Compensation provided