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(Section Links:  PEO vs ASO Comparison) (PEO)

Administrative Service Organization (ASO)..

Client wages are reported under the client's Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

For those of you who do not feel comfortable with the co-employment relationship, we offer Payroll USA II, Inc. as an ASO operating under the traditional payroll service model. You can select from a wide range of HRO services (human resources outsourcing) that can be tailored to your needs. An ASO is functionally the same as a PEO, but internally there is no shared status and no co-employment relationship. The employees remains 100% yours.

As an ASO, Payroll USA II, Inc. prepares payroll, pays federal, state, and local taxes and produces all payroll-associated reports.

Under this arrangement Payroll USA II, Inc. does not provide workmen's compensation for your employees. Upon your request Payroll USA II will refer you to third party administrators (licensed in your state) to obtain, health insurance or employee benefits.