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Unemployment Claims Administration with a PEO



Our staff of experienced professionals endeavors to minimize unemployment risk and its cost.


Payroll USA, Inc. assists you in reducing costs related to UI by managing your unemployment claims and controlling your unemployment tax rates by providing hands-on support and expertise. As a PEO we diligently monitor every unemployment claim, so we can maintain a competitive rate for our clients.


  • Claims Administration
    We process our claims using detailed separation information, protest erroneous charges to your reserve account, and follow claims to their final disposition. We can communicate with any state on your behalf, whether in writing or responding to telephone inquiries, relieving you of this lengthy process. You are advised at each step in the process and you are the final authority on the course of action to pursue.

  • Hearings Representation
    Our experienced hearing representatives conduct pre-hearing telephone conferences with your witnesses to prepare them to testify at hearing. We attend the hearing with your witnesses, relieving them of the often intimidating responsibility of adequately presenting the employer's side of the case.

  • Training and Consulting
    We conduct training sessions with managers and supervisors to introduce them to the importance of their role in dealing with employees and how their actions can impact the company's UI account. Armed with basic knowledge of the State's requirements, they are better prepared to deal with employee and workplace situations.

  • Accountability
    You receive claims activity reports on a quarterly basis. These provide you with information that can affect your company's UI account and can be used as an educational tool for managers. We evaluate the types of separations and corresponding win-ratios and provide recommendations for further action, if needed.

  • Audit
    We audit and monitor your Statement of Benefit Charges and tax rate notices for accuracy, and protest questionable charges to the State until the appeals process is completed. As your UI partner, Payroll USA, Inc.p can save you up several thousand dollars a year in removed liabilities.

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